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GX AWARDS 2019 England, UK-Official Nominee

I made my debut as an international artist last November 2018, as I performed at the 2018 GXMMAs in England, UK. I was not there to receive any awards, only there to serve. This year, God saw fit that my hard work and faithfulness be rewarded with receiving an official nomination for the 2019 GX Awards in England, in the “Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year” category. I am more than grateful. I am hopeful that I will walk away on September 21st as the winner once the votes are tallied, but in my eyes, the nomination alone feels like a win. I would like to shout out my amazing accountability team at Track Major Productions. My man Ro Miller and Johnny Vargas always support me and challenge me to go further as an independent artist. The hustle and grinding is OH SO REAL. 

So make sure you guys GO VOTE NOW. Click the link below and tap on the VOTE NOW 2019 tab. Look for “FriiStyle Gahspol” in category #6. God bless.


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