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MGS REMIX: The Experience

Music review: MGS Remix

“M.G.S.- Remix” gets a total production and lyrical makeover. It is the latest single released by the international hiphop and spoken word artist FriiStyle Gahspol aka “Frii”, in January 2019. It follows the recording of a previously unreleased version titled “Machine Gun Sermon” back in 2017. Frii states that the tempo of the original production did not allow him to spew the lyrics as fast as he wanted to, and “...it just didn’t feel right”.

The need for a new and faster track brought FriiStyle Gahspol back to his long time friends over at Track Major Productions. Ro Miller and Johnny Vargas, producer and engineer on M.G.S.-Remix, respectively, have known Frii for years, and were more than happy to collaborate on the project. What happened next was nothing short of epic. Track Major productions put together a fast pace masterpiece, allowing Frii to spit the 100 bar verse just as he intended. Drums, strings, and bass dress the remix perfectly. Just imagine, hip hop meets spartan ‘300’, that’s what you’re listening to.

FriiStyle Gahspol talks about some of the challenges with recording such a rapid 100 bar track. He recalls having to place small pieces of tissue inside his cheek just to catch the saliva build up. Recording such a fast and lengthy verse, left no gaps for the ‘punch-ins’ many other rappers are accustomed to in a studio session.

M.G.S.- Remix by FriiStyle Gahspol is Available NOW on all digital download and streaming sites. You can also check out the in studio video of Frii’s one take marvel, linked below.

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