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The Greatest Symphony, and the Three Children of Creation.

In the holy book of Proverbs, the wise King Solomon wrote that “...as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. I agree with the king’s sentiment, however, no man has ever used thoughts alone to create a thing or develop himself. Exercising the mastery of thought will assuredly make one a professional daydreamer, that is all.

Another proverb goes on to warn us that “death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Again, I agree with said wisdom, however, you cannot create with words alone. Many words in and of themselves are the tools needed for much lip service, not creation.

If you have ever heard that faith without works is dead, then you have absolutely heard correctly. Where you may have interpreted the former incorrectly is in working in haste, without the aid of a resolute mind and life-giving tongue to work in symphony with your hands. Faith with no work is indeed dead, but much work with no agreeing mind and tongue, is a dead man walking.

I will not be known as a daydreamer.

I will not offer you lip service.

I will not mill about this lifetime as a dead man walking.

What I will do, is make certain that my lips echo my meditations, and that my works never contradict my thoughts or speech. You and I WILL ONLY CREATE when our thinking, speaking, and doing ALL BECOME THE SAME THING. This is the mystery of creation and success in all things. This is the greatest symphony of all time.

If you have been unable to create, manifest, or succeed in any area of life, I can guarantee that some degree of quarrel exists between your thoughts, tongue, or actions. We are three-part beings; mind, body, and soul. The success of our being hinges upon the unison in which said parts move and exist. The way each of us must create is likened unto the critical functioning of these three parts. Can a body that has lost its mind will to do anything? No! Is a body and mind, void of a soul, even alive? No! They must not only exist together, but also be in agreement.

Your thoughts, speech, and actions must compliment one another. Disagreements between the three will be met with swift punishment, long suffering, and most devastating to our spirit, a delay of greatness. Your thoughts, speech, and actions are the “three children” given to each and every one of us, placed in our charge by our omnipotent creator. Bickering amongst these siblings will not only be intolerable, but self destructive to those who allow their perpetual conflict. Harmony must exist amongst the three. In the book of Matthew, Jesus is quoted saying that every “house divided against itself shall not stand.”

We cannot stand or create if we are divided against ourselves.

We cannot stand or create if our thoughts war against what our tongues profess.

We cannot stand or create if our actions shame our virtuous speech.

You are the home; your body is the temple. In order for you to realize your grandest self, reach your highest potential, your house must not be divided. Those three children must be kept in line. Thoughts, words, and actions have to not only compliment one another, but there resemblance must grow to a point where they are as identical triplets. Their everyday existence speaks to their unity, and their trinity is undeniable. They look alike, and dress the same. What will your house LOOK like? What will it SOUND like?

The power of manifestation is hidden within the perfect symphony of our being, and there is no other way to its discovery. The mightiest of meditations cannot find it, tenacious tongues will not lay claim to it, and the most well-intentioned works do not know its location. Yet, when those thoughts sit down to supper with homogenous speech, and reserve a place setting for the hands of a diligent worker, the table is now prepared and ready for all God has in store. His “three children”, not only appear ready to create, THEY ARE READY TO EAT. We will only succeed, manifest, and create when our thinking, speaking, and doing all become the same thing. This is the greatest symphony.

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