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When Nobody Speaks Your Language: Swiss Tour Experience

So far I’ve played two shows. The time is 6 hours ahead of my time back home in the U.S., and I’m filled with equal measures of anxiety, sleepiness, and excitement. Yea, LESS OF ME, God tends to like it better that way. So about that first night, fresh off the plane....my first time EVER performing in front of an audience that ONLY SPEAKS FRENCH. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤭😮Talk about being completely humbled and having to Trust God. You WONT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT....

There’s maybe 5 or 6 people in the audience that speak English (broken English....VERY broken English) as I’m getting ready to take the stage. I’m told I have an interpreter on standby who’s willing to help whenever I need. Now for anyone who knows me or what it is I do on a microphone, then you know there isn’t an interpreter alive who can KEEP UP with FriiStyle Gahspol lol. So as I walk up to the microphone, I kindly explain to the interpreter that I’ll just need him to be present for a brief introduction, and then I’ll take the room for a lyrical ride 😁.

I decide to do my spoken word alliterations versus my hiphop music, because I’m really not sure if the more “American” punchlines, similes, and metaphors will translate well. During my performance it’s quiet for most of the time, with the periodic chuckle, laughter, or “wow” from somewhere in the room. I’m not sure how to take it in the moment, but I just continue with my set til the end. Once finished, I humbly say “thank you”, as I politely wave and step off stage. Everyone claps, but I’m not sure if that’s just Swiss hospitality or if they actually enjoyed the 100 mile per hour lyricism.

Two things happened at the end of the night that blew me away.

A very tall Swiss man walks up to my merch table and proceeds to tell me (in broken English) how much he loved my performance. He went on to say that he only understood some of my words, but when I started to speak faster he understood NOTHING. However, he said he could feel “the bumps” on his arms and head (describing goosebumps) that let him know I was anointed, and that he could feel the Holy Spirit moving upon him during my performance. Sheesh!

Next, another man, with lesser English speaking ability than the former, came to my table to shake my hand. I asked him if he could write his name in my “fan book”. I use the book to just record all the people and different places I visit while touring. People are allowed to write whatever they want with their name, and design it with different color markers at the table. He asked if he could write his message to me in French. I said yes, just as long as he could try and tell me what it said in English when he was done. After he finished writing, he tried his best to explain what he wrote in English: “You have an amazing gift and talent. God’s hand is on you. Go share God all over the world. Do not let anyone stop your gift. Keep going”. He signed his name, his wife’s name, and even wrote his son’s name, even though his son was not there. What an honor.

I was in an unfamiliar place, and an uncomfortable situation. I Prayed and asked God to take over. I submitted to Him, and He ABSOLUTELY DID THE REST. In a room filled with people who don’t know my language, but can still fill the presence of God. Our God is not limited by language. He resides outside and above all things. SWITZERLAND thank you for these last two days. France you’re up next!! God bless, please share, comment, & be encouraged.

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