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Who’s the $Richest? Third Graders Know Who!

I think we all agree that children are the future. However, in an age of increased violence, advanced technological accessibility, mumble rap, and fortnite dances, the adults can become fearful of what that “future” looks like. All that being said, maybe all is not lost. Maybe there is still a shred of innocence and faith left in our youngest, future leaders......maybe. Recently, I had a group of third graders raise their hand, one at a time, and tell me the name of who they thought was the richest person in the world. Now the list seen in the attached photo is from that session, and lists the names in the order (and the way) they blurted each one out:

1. Donald Trump

2. Obama

3. Jesus

4. God

5. Santa

6. Nikki Minaj

7. Chris Brown

8. Kobe Bryant

9. Dj Khaled

10. Cardi B

11. George Washington

12. Michael Jackson

13. Martin Luther King Jr.

14. Lebron James

After we finished writing the list of names, we took to #Google to search the net worth of each name on the list and wrote it near the name, well at least those who’s net worth was “searchable”. When “God’s net worth” was typed into a google search, Charlemagne Tha God from The Breakfast Club, pops up at the top of the list at $10M. That’s not the God we were looking for. As for Jesus, our search turned up a decently argued guess by Joseph Holleman, CEO of Magister Technologies Inc., of $10M in today’s money: https://www.quora.com/What-would-Jesus-Christs-net-worth-be.

Santa clause’s net worth turned out to be around $51 billion, says a yahoo finance investigative article from 2018. His numbers aren’t really fair considering he’s a fictitious character who uses magic (oops! Sorry kids, avert your eyes). Back to our 3rd graders’ list...

Now I know what you’re thinking; the slew of things that immediately come to mind that are embarrassing or shameful about this 3rd grade “richest person in the world” list. Since you, the reader, will naturally be good at pointing out the “smh-parts” of the list, I’ll do you the favor of pointing out what’s innocuous, not so bad, and what gives our future a glimmer of hope about the list:

1. Children still believe the president makes the most money, I know I thought so when I was that age. [Innocuous]

2. Performers and athletes are amongst their greatest role models. [Not so bad]

3. 9 out of the 14 names on the list (with definitive races), are minorities. [Positive outlook on minorities, gives us hope]

4. Santa made the list. Seems irrelevant to some, or at worst, dangerous, but the reality is that this gives us an indication that kids’ imagination is still alive and well. To those who think this is inherently threatening (the idea of Santa that is), I assure you that less of an imagination is far more of a threat to our children AND their innocence.

5. Last, but not least, Jesus and God made the list [Here’s the glimmer of hope]. Even though they fell below both Trump and Obama on the list, they’re still pretty high up. In any event, this indicates to me that children still highly regard things and/or figures of their faith. Our future needs our past and present FAITH.

I pray our children continue to grow in their faith and understanding of who God actually is, who they are themselves, and come to know that Santa is NOT R**L. Lol, Blessings!

P.S. - I almost forgot, the ACTUAL richest person in the world is Jeff Bezos, with an estimated net worth around $115 billion. Sheesh Jeff, Amazon has treated you very well. Unfortunately, our children have no idea who you are. The nerve! Please share and comment what insights or conclusions you guys come up with about our youth from the narrow lens of this list


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